Season Wrap-up

The 2022-2023 power soccer season has concluded. This season showed us what teamwork is all about on the competitive side as well as the recreational side, leaving us very excited for the next season. Over the course of this season, it was neat to see the growth of both teams and their willingness to work together as one during practice. The teams were willing to not only give but also accept constructive criticism when it was needed jumpstarting all aspects of the program whether it be competitive or recreational.

We completed the season with a couple of fun activities. One such event was attending our parent organization Adaptive Sports Northwest’s  Fundraising Gala. This event included exhibitions of many of the programs offered by ASNW, Several members of our team we’re in attendance and provided a very high energy Power Soccer demonstration.

The second activity, Our last practice of the season, Due to a facility scheduling issue, took place outdoors giving our athletes a bit of a different experience, playing a sport outdoors in Oregon. We ended the evening with a very positive team dinner at a local restaurant.

Now that the season is complete, the real work begins as we look ahead to our fundraisers for next season projecting us towards nationals while attending several tournaments around the region along the way.

Here is just a few team stats from our first tournament as a competitive team:
2 wins
4 losses
13 goals
3 assists
1-0-0 Division