Recap: Capitial Classic

During the first weekend of April, Power Soccer PDX’s competitive power soccer team, the Rose City Renegades, participated in the Capital Classic in Folsom, California. This trip was the team’s first-ever tournament and sanctioned games with referees. We came away with two wins and four losses. With each game played in the tournament, improvements were abound in each athlete. Our coach has been dreaming of getting a team to this level since 2016, when our program was founded, with the help of friends, family, and Adaptive Sports Northwest! The team could not be happier with our results last weekend. The team is looking forward to their next season as they begin the road to nationals! Way to go Renegades everybody is so proud of your accomplishments!

Special thank you to Adaptive Sports Northwest, all the volunteers, caregivers, and family members who traveled and made this event possible. Also, thank you and congratulations to Thuy Williams, our assistant coach, for getting certified as an official power soccer referee. Last but not least, thank you to Dan, our equipment manager, for keeping our chairs charged and handling an emergency swapping out a set of castor wheels in less than 5 minutes before a game!

Hear From the players:

#8 John 

The first game of the tournament was quite emotional for me, as I was literally watching people’s dreams come true. (My own included) Watching our progression throughout the weekend was super neat! What an amazing experience, thank you so much to everybody involved!

I loved learning how it feels to win and lose. I also enjoyed knowing that a referee believes we have potential as a team. Lastly I loved getting some goals and assists in my very first tournament! Also just got to say I love my coaches and all my teammates.

#9 Alex 

#16 Wren 

My favorite part of the tournament was getting to watch and learn from more experienced teams and meeting new people.

I loved to be able to travel for the second time with my team. I liked that I was able to stop a goal and in general just to be a part of a team with great people like all the volunteers, coaches, Athletes and just all the people helping us to make these trips even possible

#28 Lupe 

#76 Enoch 

I love so many things about that tournament it has been incredibly difficult to choose just 1, however, in our last game there was a moment where the game slowed down and I looked around at all of the players and coaches with the same look of pure joy radiating from each individual smile, including myself. That pure joy was my favorite part of the entire experience. I’m so grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of people and I’m excited for our future in this amazing sport.

Game 6 of the tournament

Special thanks to Scott, Dan and John for taking and creating this awesome video of our last game of the weekend!